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  • What is a Braidless/Beaded Sew-In?
    A braidless or beaded sew-in is an alternative option to a traditional (braided) sew-in. Micro beads are set in place of a braid along the part of the hair which is a steady foundation for the weft to be sewn onto the beads. This type of sew-in is ideal if you want to add length and/or fullness to you hair.
  • Who can wear a Braidless/Beaded Sew-In?
    Pratically anyone can wear a braidless/beaded sew-in. Relaxed or naturally straight/wavy hair is common for the braided sew-in, kinky coarse hair will work as well as long as the wefts match the texture of the natural hair.
  • What's the difference between a Tradional Sew-In and a Braidless Sew-In?
    A tradional sew-in is when majority of your natural hair is braided up with minimal leave out around the sides, back and top (optional) for a more natural look. In this case there is very little maintenance that is needed. As for a braidless sew-in all of your hair is left out and there's a few wefts added for lenght and/or fullness.
  • Who can wear a Traditional Sew-In?
    Practically anyone, from relaxed to natural, naturally straight or even clients with alopecia. Natuarally straight hair will need to have hair added to the braids and a net over the braids for a more steardy foundation for sewing. Any hair type listed about can have hair added to the braids and a net as well.
  • What is a Full Sew-In?
    A full sew-in consists of all of your natural hair braided up and extensions and/or a closure added to complete the look. This method is ideal for anyone who does not want to manage any leave out at all.
  • How long should I wear a Sew-In?
    I reccommend no long than two months (8 weeks) before its time to remove the extensions and thoroughly shampoo and deep condition your hair. I also recommend trims during this time as your hair is growing out.
  • What is a Virgin Relaxer?
    Hair that has never been chemically altered. Also a virgin relaxer is needed if you have 4 or more inches of new growth.
  • Are Sew-Ins healthy for the Hair?
    Sew-ins are one of the best things that you can do for your hair to promote hair growth with proper care. Since all or majority of your hair is braided up the less likely you can manipulate it. With minimal leave out it's recommended to only straighten it when it's time for a shampoo.
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